Streaming-Kino: Häxan (1922), "Witchcraft through the ages"

Part five of "Streaming-Kino": Swedish masterpiece "Häxan" takes you back to the age of witchcraft like no other movie does!


If there were a film documentary of the actual appearance of the devil, and what live witchcraft would be, this is what it would look like. Seriously, this movie will give you the chills...

Häxan (1922)

Sweden, directed by Benjamin Christensen

"Häxan" is Swedish for "witch". But no, this is not like "The Witch", "The Nun", or whatever "The..."-mainstream-movie US cinema has produced. "Häxan" is very different: it's a visual history and examination of witchcraft, superstition, and the devil, in European folklore. And, boy, is it visual. At the time of it's first release "Häxan" was the most expensive Swedish film ever, and it shows. It's insanely well done. These are images you won't forget. There is zero shock or screamers here, no fancy - "SWOOSH!" (cat jumps in from out of nowhere) - sound effects, no frantic action sequences, but moody music and an endless amount of atmosphere. Watching an almost 100-year old movie can be a bit creepy in itself, but watching an almost 100-year old movie about witchcraft and the devil can be downright frightening...

Have a glass of wine, darken your room, and enjoy this masterpiece of early horror cinema!



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