Streaming-Kino: Theatre of Blood (1973) - Vincent Price

Part four of "Streaming-Kino" - this time we go deep into British black humour territory: Douglas Hickox' dark, tragic and grotesque classic "Theatre of Blood"!
It's Shakespeare all over the place, it's British to the utmost, it's got Vincent Price, and the murders are outrageous. "Not to be" has never been that much stomach-turning fun.

Theatre of Blood (1973)

UK, directed by Douglas Hickox

Vincent Price plays passionate Shakespeare actor Edward Lionheart, who's driven into suicide by critics panning his skills. But with the help of some local vagrants he survives, and is back for some literally shakespearean revenge... Yeah, this is gonna hurt. Very much like Dr. Phibes did just two years earlier, Mr. Lionheart has prepared everything for his sinister goals. "Theatre of Blood" currently has a 93% "fresh" rating on RottenTomatoes.com and there are some good reasons why. Vincent Price's and Diana Riggs' acting is spot on, the entire cast is made of British theater-trained actors. Douglas Hickox had learned his chops over more than 20 years in the industry, and developed his own dynamic style. The story and style of the film is as satirical and sarcastic as it is tragic, dark, and bizarre. "Theatre of Blood" is a rare blend of British black humour, classic serious art, B-horror-movie, and social satire - and it's pretty good at each of it's ingredients. Highly recommended!



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