Streaming-Kino: Häxan (1922), "Witchcraft through the ages"

Part five of "Streaming-Kino": Swedish masterpiece "Häxan" takes you back to the age of witchcraft like no other movie does!


If there were a film documentary of the actual appearance of the devil, and what live witchcraft would be, this is what it would look like. Seriously, this movie will give you the chills...

Rutger Hauer dies at 75

Another sad news: Veteran actor Rutger Hauer passed away on the 19th of July.


From 1968 to 2019 he played in countless movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to B-movies to TV productions and shorts. His work includes parts in legendary films like "Turkish Delight" (1973), "Blade Runner" (1982), "The Hitcher" (1986), "Fatherland" (1994), "Batman Begins" (2005), "Hobo with a Shotgun" (2011), and many, many more.

He always seemed to have a love for niche productions, B-movies, horror and action flicks - one of the few actors who worked in huge productions, but never lost interest in the obscure and off side of cinema.

His monologue in "Blade Runner" (1982) has become a pivotal point in cinema history.

Rutger Hauer will be sadly missed.
R. I. P.

The "Internet Movie Database" is honoring Hauer's legacy with a video:



Streaming-Kino: Theatre of Blood (1973) - Vincent Price

Part four of "Streaming-Kino" - this time we go deep into British black humour territory: Douglas Hickox' dark, tragic and grotesque classic "Theatre of Blood"!
It's Shakespeare all over the place, it's British to the utmost, it's got Vincent Price, and the murders are outrageous. "Not to be" has never been that much stomach-turning fun.