NETFLIX's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 2022 (trailer)

Every once in a while a new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie hits theatres. 

Here's the latest, NETFLIX's 2022 take on the subject matter, directed by David Blue Garcia, starring Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, and Mark Burnham.

Well, judging from the trailer, it certainly has style. Comic elements - as opposed to the subtle grotesqueness of the original movie - have crept into "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" since part two of the franchise, and this one is no exception. But overall it seems to get the tone and mood quite right, staying comparably close to the original in that regard.

But then this is of course just a trailer - the full movie might turn out to be quite a different experience. 

Watch "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 2022 trailer:


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