Streaming-Kino: The Last Man On Earth (1964) - Vincent Price

"Streaming-Kino" is a new series of articles: from time to time, and in no particular order, we will present recommendable and acclaimed movies, that are free to watch right here and now!

Many movies are freely available, for different reasons. In some cases the copyright has expired, others were made available by the copyright holders, and some movies are made for the open public in the first place. We try to find the best ones, and dedicate an article with some critique and background information to it.

Our first movie is:
The Last Man On Earth (1964) with Vincent Price



"Jacob's Ladder" Remake kommt 2019!

Die Remake-Welle macht spaetestens seit "Evil Dead" (2013) auch vor  heiligen Kultfilmen keinen Halt -  "Jacob's Ladder" kommt 2019.


Night of the Living Dead 2!

BloodyDisgusting.com hat am
"Night of the Living Dead" (1968) Filmplakat

Suspiria 2018 Remake Trailers, und im Kino!

Das lange geplante, sicherlich nicht von allen lange erwartete, aber nun vergleichsweise fast unbemerkt realisierte Remake von Dario Argento's Klassiker "Suspiria" (1975) ist seit 31. Oktober auch in Deutschland in den Kinos.


The best found footage films

The "Blairwitch Project" (1999) made found footage movies a worldwide phenomenon. Before that, a couple of films had chosen to present a fictional storyline in documentary or first person view realism, but the enormous success of the "Blair Witch Project" started an ongoing wave of titles that intend to copy or reinvent the format.