"Dawn Of The Dead" and "Trauma" uncut in Germany!

Great news for German horror fans: giallo shocker "Trauma" (1993) by Dario Argento, and zombie uber-classic "Dawn Of The Dead" (1978) by George A. Romero have been removed from German "Index", now allowing legal uncut releases in Germany.


These movies have been around for some time, and especially "Dawn Of The Dead" has seen many releases in Germany. "Trauma" never got that much attention, but especially with "Dawn Of The Dead" the legal situation regarding depictions of violence has led to many cuts and recuts of the film, trying to avoid a ban in Germany. As a result many different versions are available, some of which differ noticeably in content and running time, but none are close to the pace and impact of the original cuts.

Finally, the legal ban for "glorification of violence" which puts a film on the so-called "Index", was lifted from both movies.

Uncut releases are soon to be expected, finally German horror fans can enjoy these two great films by two of the fathers of modern horror cinema.

Dawn Of the Dead (1978) trailer


Trauma (1993) trailer 



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