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Recommended TV series.

The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead"'s little brother spin-off started as a slightly weird mix of over-ambitious editing and postapocalyptic confusion, but after the first two or three seasons took on a more quirky and colorful tone than its bigger brother, developing into an original adaptation of the zombie outbreak idea.

Verschollene Filmschaetze (arte) (offline)

The Tripods

Based on the novels "The White Mountains" and "The City of Gold and Lead" by John Christopher. Sadly, the third of the books, "The Pool of Fire", wasn't adapted for the TV series due to low ratings of the previous episodes at the time of first broadcast. "The Tripods" has become a cult series since.

25 episodes


Knights Of God

Die Loewengrube (BR)

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace


Black Mirror


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