The Amusement Park (1973) - George A. Romero's unreleased film

They're only very few, but those few who have seen it are deeply impressed, if not shocked, by it. Now a group of people is working on bringing "The Amusement Park" to a wider audience.

It's not a zombie film, but a scary one, about aging and society. And from what we can read in the few sources we have it really stirs up your guts - here's what film scholar Tony Williams, Professor and Area Head of Film Studies in the Department of English at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, had to say about it in the (only) "Cinema Spectrum" issue from 1980:

"... it is one of the most radical indictments of American callousness towards the vulnerable members of its society ... What gives THE AMUSEMENT PARK its edge is its keen combination of fantasy and realism in an allegorical condemnation of selfish materialism ... The film is too powerful for American society. It must never be released but kept in obscurity. ..."


Nowadays, writer Daniel Kraus, who has worked with Guillermo Del Toro, had a chance to watch the film, and made a couple of ecstatic tweets about it - here's one from Nov. 2018:

"With the exception of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - maybe - THE AMUSEMENT PARK is Romero’s most overtly horrifying film. Hugely upsetting in form & function."

And here's another one:

"It's hellish."


So, in other words, as you may have guessed: everybody needs to see this! And, yes, Daniel Kraus and the George-A.-Romero-foundation are working towards a 4K restoration!

Keep your eyes open for "The Amusement Park" - if we have any news for you we'll post it immediately. See "Sources" section below for more links and some more detail information.

An IMDB page has been created, but it doesn't give much information yet: 

If you want to help getting "The Amusement Park" released to the public, you can make a donation here:











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