The Amusement Park (1973, George A. Romero) released!

Hailed as George A. Romero's "masterpiece", his previously lost movie "The Amusement Park" from 1973 is now publicly available!

We've reported about the restoration and planned release of the movie before, and now it has finally happened: you can watch "The Amusement Park" on Shudder.

While it is certainly questionable this movie is indeed his "masterpiece", it's just as certainly a welcome and very enlightening addition to George A. Romero's catalogue. It gives another interesting insight into the mind of the filmmaker, and is a rare snapshot of the time and place it was made. 

Masterpiece or not, it has received rave reviews from several critics, and is a must-see for fans of Romero anyway.

Watch the trailer for George A. Romero's "The Amusement Park" (1973):


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